Bulk Carrier

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bulk carrier

[¦bəlk ′kar·ē·ər]
(naval architecture)
A vessel designed to transport dry or liquid bulk cargo.

Bulk Carrier


a cargo vessel that transports loose and piece cargo without packaging (in bulk). A distinction is made between bulk carriers suitable for transporting a broad assortment of cargoes (general-purpose bulk carriers) or for a single type (ore carriers, coal carriers, cement carriers, and so on). Bulk carriers may also be adapted for transporting liquid cargoes, motor vehicles, and containers. Bulk carriers do not ordinarily have loading equipment; they are loaded and unloaded by port equipment. Some ships are equipped with conveyor belts or pneumatic devices to unload the hold (self-unloading ships).

General-purpose bulk carriers are single-deck vessels with an engine room and stern superstructure, usually with underdeck tanks along the cargo holds. The design of general-purpose bulk carriers (particularly the design in the upper part of the cargo hold of the inclined walls, and also the alternation of full and empty holds) ensures longitudinal and transverse self-distribution of the cargo and eliminates the excess stability typical of conventional cargo ships. Bulk carriers are larger and have greater cargo capacity than other dry-cargo ships (up to 150, 000 tons). The speed of bulk carriers is usually about 28 km/hr (15 knots).


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The order is valued at about $438m and it is Yangzijiang s first ever lake bulker order.
Emir Mavani Abdullah said their company together with Westbury had planned to add another 40,000 tonnes of bulk capacity to expand services at MAPAK Qasim Bulkers beyond the requirements of the local filter.
Aside from the newbuildings, Adnatco will shortly take redelivery of two of its 28,000-dwt product tankers that it has had converted into bulkers at a Turkish shipyard.
TSE: 9104) is one of the world's largest shipping companies, with a strategically balanced portfolio of services including containerships, dry bulkers, car carriers, tankers and LNG carriers.
During the year, bulkship charter and shipping rates weakened somewhat, including rates for Capesize bulkers and VLCC's, but these declines, as well as the impact of highr fuel costs, were offset to post another record year by leveraging a number of strengths.
I have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and have used laxatives and bulkers over the years.
In 1990, there were 75 major accidents involving bulkers, with 19 becoming total losses, according to the ILU.
Instead of beaching several smaller vessels, the breakyard contractors are handling bulkers.
What separates self-unloaders from other Great Lakes ships, known as bulkers, is that they are fitted with a conveyor system which allows them to be unloaded with a minimum or, in some cases, no dock-side unloading facilities.
CIT Maritime Finance will offer senior secured loans, sale-leasebacks, and bareboat charters to owners and operators of oceangoing cargo vessels including tankers, bulkers, container ships, car carriers, as well as offshore vessels and drilling rigs.
Genco is already taking part in the Clipper Logger Pool for handysize logs fitted bulkers, "so it was a logical decision to extend our relationship into the supramax space as well," stated by Genco president John Wobensmith.