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(1) A collection of official acts, decrees, edicts, and so on.

(2) A brief official informational announcement—for example, military summaries or bulletins on the state of health of an outstanding government leader.

(3) A periodical or continuing publication devoted to a specific group of problems—for example, Biulleten’ Verkhovnogo suda SSSR (Bulletin of the Supreme Court of the USSR).

(4) An election bulletin—that is, a sheet of paper used for voting with the name of the candidate written on it.

(5) A hospital list, or bulletin—a disability list, used for registering the diseases of manual or office workers.

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On the other hand, bulletin board postings offer multiple fonts and colors, greetings, links, varying styles of quotations, and other analyzable features that rarely appear in essays and books.
The Rollaveyor automated at-press deflashing system is featured in a two-page technical bulletin.
Besides requiring management to keep accurate and complete records, the bulletin says auditors must inform management, and sometimes audit committees, if they become aware of illegal acts.
Transcript of Scretary Dulles's News Conference, Department of State Bulletin XXXV.
In a way, that we would dare to leave notes for God on a bulletin board in the same space that honors the divine presence with royal trappings of gold, marble, candlelight, and red velvet is beautifully audacious.
Though it may sound like a genuine stock market, the Nasdaq bulletin board has no listing requirements and few hard and fast rules.
The MTC bulletin summarily concludes that third-party warranty repair services exceed protected solicitation under P.
Some people think, 'I don't run a high-tech business, so why do I need a bulletin board?
The 1994 Winter issue of the VEWAA Bulletin, a special issue, featured articles on the interdisciplinary aspect and approach in VEWAA.
For modem users on a budget, or those who do not have or want Internet service, bulletin board systems (BBS) are an economical alternative.
If a subscriber wishes to send a bulletin, he or she describes a crime or incident through a series of prompts.
News, sports, weather, personal banking, shopping services, and "computer bulletin boards" are included in their packages.