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Since each sixdegrees member has the opportunity to broadcast messages to a highly qualified audience, not only can they be assured that their postings will be read and responded to, but they are also virtually guaranteed a high level of relevant content in their bulletin board.
Prodigy offers its members a wide range of news, computing, weather, sports and financial information; educational content and reference materials; communications features such as email, bulletin boards, Usenet Newsgroups and Chat; travel reservations; shopping; online brokerage and banking services; and hundreds of other offerings.
29, 1996--Prodigy today became the first major online service to introduce a Bulletin Board Archive equipped with a powerful search engine.
What's more, we're allowing them to send faxes, access bulletin board services and transfer files, all from the same easy-to-use interface.
There are now literally tens of thousands of independent, noncommercial bulletin boards around the country, kept alive by computer enthusiasts.
Ideal Science's bulletin board software helps its customers filter inappropriate activity and offensive language among participants by including features that are both capable of capturing hidden content, such as symbols appearing as legitimate letters and designed to filter out content that is unsuitable.
System operators control who accesses their bulletin boards, and they also can monitor virtually any conversation or private e-mail they desire.
PowerScript Character Generators (CGs) allow users to generate high-resolution characters and add them to existing video footage, or to create video bulletin boards from scratch for live or taped use.
Sites which benefit most from the addition of voice features include eCard sites, photo community sites, bulletin board and chat sites, personals sites, and free email sites.
We at TEXN recognize and support the public's right to free speech and fair comment about public companies be they Over-the Counter Bulletin Board, Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange listings.
In addition to importing cc:Mail Archives, Folders and Bulletin Boards, the new utility imports cc:Mail private Internet Addresses and Private Mail Lists directly into the Outlook Personal Address Book.
WRITEPRINTS On July 11,1804, Alexander Hamilton had no idea that he was laying the groundwork for research into online bulletin boards.

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