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(US), buret
a graduated glass tube with a stopcock on one end for dispensing and transferring known volumes of fluids, esp liquids



an Upper Paleolithic settlement in Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR, on the right bank of the Angara River, at the mouth of the Sukhaia Valley. It was discovered and studied by A. P. Okladnikov in 1936, 1937, and 1939. In addition to Paleolithic stone and bone artifacts, he found bones of the rhinoceros, mammoth, reindeer, bison, and other Ice Age animals. Ruins of four dwellings have been excavated, one of which was 1 m underground; the others were above ground. The main building materials for dwellings were mammoth bones, rhinoceros skulls, and reindeer antlers. A statuette of a bird and five figurines of women have been found, as well as an interesting statuette of a woman clothed in a fur arctic suit styled like an overall with a hood.


Istoriia Sibiri s drevneishikh vremen do nashikh dnei, vol. 1. Lenin-grad, 1968. Pages 44-59.


A graduated glass tube used to deliver variable volumes of liquid; usually equipped with a stopcock to control the liquid flow.
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3] solution, the uncertainty in the accuracy of the buret and the uncertainty associated with the volume additions from the titrator are combined in quadrature.
Amongst the other VIPs were also artist Louis-Marie de Castelbajac , Jet Setter Emmanuel de Brantes , Oliver Coursier et Simon Buret (AarRON group), film producer Regis Wargnier , French actors Stanislas Merhar and Christopher Thompson,
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After the HMDI was fed to the reactor by nitrogen pressure from a buret the temperature of the reaction mixture was raised to 180[degrees]C.