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see Burj KhalifaBurj Khalifa
[Arab.,=Khalifa Tower], skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that is the tallest building in the world. The centerpiece of a large urban development, it stands 2,717 ft (828 m) high and has 163 floors.
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lt;div class="caption">The skyline of Dubai shows the Burj Dubai Tower, the tallest tower in the world January 4, 2010.
They are also fitted with a aematerials hoist' which is used to replace broken glass panels on the Burj Dubai Tower.
Tall order: The Burj Dubai Tower will be 818 metres tall and feature more than 160 storeys.
Emaar is slated to complete its Burj Dubai tower by September, and will begin getting revenues from some of its $100bn of projects under construction in the coming quarters, he said.
The tower, at the centre of the Nakheel port and harbour complex, is to be 'over one kilometre' high and have more than 200 floors, beating its nearest rival, the existing Burj Dubai tower, still under construction and due to rise to a mere 818 metres.
Hyder Consulting (HYC), which has an operation in Birmingham and counts the Burj Dubai Tower among its projects, has said it has performed well in the first half with trading ahead of the same period last year and in line with expectations.
C[pounds sterling]The location is the most appealing thing, next to the Burj Dubai tower.
Fire, police and ambulance officials were on scene within minutes as a black plume of smoke billowed from an open area northeast of the Burj Dubai tower between the Dubai Mall and Emaar offices.
Two-bedroom apartments in the Burj Dubai tower, the world's tallest building and part of a $20 billion residential and commercial project Emaar is building close to the centre of Dubai, start at 12.
CHICAGO--The Burj Dubai Tower in the United Arab Emirates is now officially the world's tallest free-standing structure.
More than 110 presentations will take place on projects ranging from the Freedom Tower to the Burj Dubai tower, which is expected to top 700 meters (2,297 feet).