Burmese cat

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Burmese cat:

see catcat,
name applied broadly to the carnivorous mammals constituting the family Felidae, and specifically to the domestic cat, Felis catus. The great roaring cats, the lion, tiger, and leopard are anatomically very similar to one another and constitute the genus
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Q My two-year-old Burmese cat has horrible bad breath.
Mrs Letts, who moved into her new home in Alcester Road, Studley, with her pet Burmese cat Mr Chips, said: "I now live in a purpose-built one-bed roomed, ground floor apartment.
For those not in the kitty know, a Tonkinese is a cross between a Siamese and a Burmese cat.
CAT-ASTROPHE: Tony holds Burmese cat Snickers while other pet Jaffa sits on his shoulder.
BURMESE cat Bailey is a fully-fledged member of the Hulme-Edwardson family.
Q What dose of chondroitin sulphate/glucosamine supplement would you recommend for a 17-year-old Burmese cat who is unwilling to jump up to his scratching pole?
When a stray Burmese cat strolled into her home four years ago, Fiona May tried to trace his owners.
The animal experts also try to get to grips with Grim, a part- Burmese cat, who assaults unsuspecting dogs.
Q MY three-year-old Burmese cat has had a runny eye for the last two weeks and his eye is often closed.
The 15-month-old lilac Burmese cat was shocked as he went in for the kill in the garden and the mouse turned the tables.
My Burmese cat is very much like yours, he is friendly to a point, and then grabs people's hands to warn them enough is enough.