Bursa of Fabricius

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bursa of Fabricius

[′bər·sə əv fə′brēsh·əs]
(vertebrate zoology)
A thymus-like organ in the form of a diverticulum at the lower end of the alimentary canal in birds.

Bursa of Fabricius


(named after G. Fabricius), a pouchlike thick-walled formation in birds, situated on the dorsal surface of the rear section of the cloaca. The bursa of Fabricius is well developed in all young birds until they reach sexual maturity, at about eight or nine months, when it becomes reduced. Rheas are the only birds in which it does not become reduced. The function of the bursa of Fabricius has not been clearly established; lymphatic cells and oxyphile leucocytes are formed inside it.

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An obvious bursa of Fabricius was identified, and a biopsy was done in 28 (39%) of 71 pigeons.
The bursa of Fabricius can be visualized in the dorsal wall of the urodeum just caudal to the urodeal fold.
Starting from the coprodeum, the telescope was slowly withdrawn, and once the urodeal fold was visualized, the dorsal urodeal wall was examined for the bursa of Fabricius.
The bursa of fabricius has been suggested to be the primary site of immunoglobulin synthesis (Glick, 1977).
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The main immune organs such as thymus, spleen and bursa of Fabricius in avian species perform greatly significant roles in immunity of animals, including the main local sites for the maturation, differentiation and proliferation of lymphocytes.

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