Bush, Douglas

Bush, Douglas (John Nash)

(1896–1983) scholar, literary historian, educator; born in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada. As an English professor at Harvard (1936–66), he trained generations of literary scholars and published widely on the classical tradition in Renaissance and Romantic literature.
References in classic literature ?
He liked to be told the secrets which washerwomen discover in the bosom of households, and day after day these girls would tell him the cancans which were going the round of Alencon.
In part it was a modest CANCAN, in part a step dance, in part a skirt-dance (so far as my tail-coat permitted), and in part original.
Paris is a town in which cancans do not usually flourish, their proper theatre being provincial and trading places, beyond a question; still there ARE cancans at Paris; for all sorts of persons frequent that centre of civilization.
Blase and inert, I spent my evenings generally at the Chateau des Fleurs, where I would get fuddled and then dance the cancan (which, in that establishment, was a very indecent performance) with eclat.