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in corporate business, fusion of two or more corporations by the transfer of all property to a single corporation. The remaining corporation continues in existence, having absorbed the other(s). Mergers may be of various types: A vertical merger integrates different types of businesses that may share a supplier-customer relationship; a horizontal merger brings together related businesses; an extensional merger. joins two similar businesses to enter a new market; and a hostile takeover occurs when a stronger business absorbs another against its will. The methods of effecting mergers vary. Often the corporation that continues to function makes an outright purchase of the property and stock of the others; exchange of bonds, options, and other agreements are also employed by the corporations involved.

Mergers may be effected to increase profits and reduce losses through the reduction of competition, to diversify production, to protect against the liabilities of concentration in a single area, or to revive or rejuvenate failing businesses by the infusion of new management and personnel. Mergers for monopolistic purposes were among the unfair practices that the Sherman Antitrust ActSherman Antitrust Act,
1890, first measure passed by the U.S. Congress to prohibit trusts; it was named for Senator John Sherman. Prior to its enactment, various states had passed similar laws, but they were limited to intrastate businesses.
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 (1890) and, more especially, the Clayton Antitrust ActClayton Antitrust Act,
1914, passed by the U.S. Congress as an amendment to clarify and supplement the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. It was drafted by Henry De Lamar Clayton.
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 (1914) attempted to correct. The international nature of many modern corporations now also subjects mergers to antitrust scrutiny overseas, particularly in the European Union.

The end of the 20th cent. witnessed a great increase in mergers; in the United States alone, 60,375 mergers involving a total of over $4.5 trillion occurred between 1980 and 1996. Among the largest recent U.S. mergers are those between America Online and Time Warner (2000; $165 billion, but worth significantly less after the bubble in Internet-related stocks collapsed), Exxon and Mobil (1999; $81 billion); Citicorp and Travelers Corp. (1998; $72.6 billion), AT&T and Bell South (2006; $67 billion), SBC Communications and Ameritech (1998; $60.1 billion), and AT&T and TCI (1999; $48 billion).

See also conglomerateconglomerate,
corporation whose asset growth, often very rapid, comes largely through the acquisition of, or merger with, other firms whose products are largely unrelated to each other or to that of the parent company.
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The final gravitationally bound product of closely interacting galaxies or other interacting systems. Some IRAS galaxies are believed to be recent merger products.



the combining of two or more joint-stock companies, a form of centralization of capital under imperialism. The production of the merging companies may be identical or similar innature (see alsoAMALGAMATION IN ECONOMICS).


1. Commerce the combination of two or more companies, either by the creation of a new organization or by absorption by one of the others
2. Law the extinguishment of an estate, interest, contract, right, offence, etc., by its absorption into a greater one
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A business combination agreement may provide for the issuance of additional shares of a security or the transfer of cash or other consideration contingent on future specified events or transactions.
More important, since it is the current business activity that gives rise to the realization of the deferred tax asset arising from business combinations, we believe that current income tax expense should be reduced.
Pursuant to the Business Combination Agreement, Tokyo Electron will enter into a merger agreement with the Tokyo Electron Merger Sub with respect to the Tokyo Electron Merger and obtain shareholder approval of the merger agreement at a meeting of Tokyo Electron s shareholders.
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As it fine-tuned its statement on Business Combinations A and Intangible Assets, did the Financial Accounting Standards Board buckle under political pressure from the likes of U.
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Under the current rules, a company can account for a business combination using either the pooling-of-interests or the purchase method.
Pursuant to the provisions of its certificate of incorporation, the Company now has until August 28, 2007 to complete its business combination with the Target, having satisfied the criteria for extension set forth in the certificate of incorporation.
Although IPR&D was not a part of the business combination project, Jenkins apparently thought he could get high-tech executives to blunt their Congressional campaign if he threw them a bone such as delaying IPR&D.

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