butcher block

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butcher block, chopping block

An assembly of rectangular blocks of hardwood which are edge-glued, joined by dowels, and then pressed together hydraulically; esp. used as a work surface in a kitchen.
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Re-christened as Black Loon, there's all kinds of big plans brewing for global sales and new markets including pursuing a television personality to promote their kitchen products of cutting boards and butcher blocks on the Food Network.
MISSOURI VALLEY, Iowa, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- From economy knife sets to high-end butcher blocks, KitchenChopShop.
Go for: Inexpensive finds with a sense of humor--schoolroom chalkboards, butcher blocks, flowerpots, and birdbaths.
Product selection includes popular items such as books, music and software, plus other unique specialty items such as gift baskets, birdfeeders and butcher blocks.