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, city (1991 pop. 313,987), capital of Canada, SE Ont., at the confluence of the Ottawa and Rideau rivers. Hull, Que., just across the Ottawa at the mouth of the Gatineau River, forms part of the metropolitan area.
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, Canada.
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The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLBC) and the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) announced the first issuance of the FHLBC's security guaranteed by Ginnie Mae, which included mortgages originated byTown and Country .
Other guests were steamboat passengers heading upstream to Bytown (Ottawa) or downstream to Quebec City, others moving by stage or by cab to Albany or New York City via Laprairie and St John, to Lachine, Prescott, Aylmer or North Williamsburg, Finch, Osnabruck or Kingston, occasionally an Indian to Saint-Regis.
Brandon Corcoran and Laura Smith investigate the founding of the Friends of Ireland in Bytown to the dismay of Scotsman Bishop Alexander Macdonell.
A plusieurs reprises, l'histoire de la capitale est convoquee, la Basse-Ville etant, entre autres, presentee comme << le berceau de Bytown, le noyau historique de la grande ville d'Ottawa >> (14) et les edifices a demolir comme constituant << a historical connection linking our present generation to those resilient individuals who settled on this swampy riverbank >>.
Pignat's attention to detail attunes us to the rotting stench of sickness on the boat, allows us to feel the crisp winds of winter along the Ottawa Canal and vividly see the markets of Bytown where Kit finds her sister.
Boards of police were created to regulate affairs: in Toronto, Kingston, Cornwall and Bytown (now Ottawa), this was done by special Acts of Incorporation.
No consideration was given for his extensive prior employment, experience gained or training and qualifications already earned let alone the positions held within the HMCS Bytown Wardroom Mess Committee.
These are the books "Canadian Trackside Guide" (published yearly by the Bytown Railway Society and includes details about the railroad industry in Canada) and the "Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Locomotives" (a railroad hobby-oriented publication which includes a roster of locomotives at industrial facilities in the United States).
Peter Kells from Bytown wrote: "The Globe is so desperate for copy that they are now printing CPC spin-doctored material espousing the merits of our new 'touchy feely' Prime Minister.
There was an earlier bylaw protecting trees: in 1847, the town council of Ottawa's predecessor, Bytown, passed a bylaw that no one should "injure or destroy any tree or trees planted or growing in any street, or on any public ground within the said Town, for shade or ornament.
The only two churches available in what was then known as Bytown were Methodist and Roman Catholic.