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1. a plank balanced in the middle so that two people seated on the ends can ride up and down by pushing on the ground with their feet
2. the pastime of riding up and down on a seesaw


An early system on the IBM 701.

[Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959)].
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The C-SAW Cruise Ship Ballot Initiative (CSBI), co-authored with the Juneau-based group Responsible Cruising in Alaska (RCA), will establish permits on all discharges and require that every wastestream meet the Alaska Water Quality Standards, enforcing the same rules applied to every other discharger into Alaska waters.
A state-by-state survey of mixing zone use, published by C-SAW in October 2002, clearly demonstrates that the application of mixing zones across the US is out of control:
C-SAW is working with local and national organizations to reduce or eliminate specific mixing zones, to tighten state and federal mixing-zone regulations and to challenge the rules supporting mixing-zone use in federal court.
In response to strong criticism from C-SAW and other NGO's, the EPA, the Department of Justice, and the Governor's office, Murkowksi agreed to rewrite the bill.
In their latest round of bad behavior, cruise ships have been found to be discharging astronomically high levels of bacteria and pollutants into pristine Alaskan waters (See C-SAW Project Report on page 7).