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8220;Opportunities within the Italian defence market are driven by new platforms and C4ISTAR procurements, although only in the medium- to long-term,” notes Frost & Sullivan Consultant Aman Pannu.
Through a team of in house journalists and expansive, global network of dedicated correspondents Digital Battlespace covers the widest possible range of issues of concern to the C4ISTAR practitioners covering everything from sensor development to network generation through concepts of operation to procurement practices.
There is a groundswell in today's defense and intelligence operations for advance systems and software that address the growing need for enhanced real-time situational awareness in C4ISTAR and similar applications.
The next in this series, "Achieving Real-Time Multi-INT Data Fusion for Geospatial Intelligence Applications," provides a forum for attendees from the defense and intelligence communities participating in net centric warfare programs such as complex C4ISTAR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance) systems to learn how to address their unrelenting need to manage massive amounts of data culled from multiple sources.
These included C4ISTAR solutions (strategic & tactical), missile threat countermeasure systems, marine navigation and integrated bridge systems, unmanned ground vehicles for bomb disposal, integrated collaboration environment developed for national security and resilience applications, and VHF and UHF radio systems for Naval and Air Force applications.
We are delighted to be inaugurating the Fleet Intelligence Trophy in collaboration with CinCFleet HQ's C4ISTAR division," said Davison.
Simply put, the main driver of QinetiQ's success is its technological competencies confirmed by its success in recent UK DPA's contract awards including the C4ISTAR integration technology study, the ALBION thermal viewer and Team Complex Weapons," comments Mr.
Rolta's intellectual property repository contains cutting-edge software for mapping and earth sciences, providing the foundation for Defense and Homeland Security solutions including: C4ISTAR information systems, Military Communications, Digital Soldier, and Vehicle Systems.
Rolta provides state-of-the-art solutions for C4ISTAR information systems, Military Communications, Digital Soldier, and Vehicle Systems, covering the entire "sensor to shooter" chain, and sophisticated Homeland Security Solutions based on its own intellectual property, including technologies acquired from world leaders, and by leveraging its partnerships with leading defense and security companies.