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This division is responsible for the development, support, marketing and sales of CA-PRMS, CA-KBM, CA-Warehouse BOSS, and CA-Quick Response Engine.
NYSE:CA), today announced the immediate availability of the Windows NT version of CA-Quick Response Engine advanced planning and scheduling system.
Using the processor capabilities of today's high- powered personal computers, CA-Quick Response Engine can execute material and capacity planning cycles in minutes.
manufacturer of storage cases containers and organizers for tools and parts, states: "We see the promise of the CA-Quick Response Engine as velocity and visibility, a user friendly, real time analytical tool that will understand the dynamics of our operation and provide action-oriented information.
Also announced were new client server applications: CA-Quick Response Engine, CA-Buyers Center(TM), and CA-Engineering Data Management(TM).
s AS/400 Manufacturing And Distribution iBU (independent Business Unit), today announced general availability of its new advanced scheduling and planning tool, CA-Quick Response Engine.
CA-Quick Response Engine manages independent demands such as customer orders and MPS, synchronizes materials requirements and production capacity, and creates shop floor schedules and production transactions.
The CA-Quick Response Engine goes well beyond fast MRP and beyond finite scheduling.
Robert Bosch Corporation uses CA-Quick Response Engine in their South Carolina plant to schedule their fuel injector production.
CA-Quick Response Engine is the first tool that allows our planners to quickly adapt and adjust schedules to our customer's changing demand with incredible accuracy," said Liebold.
A key requirement of CA-Quick Response Engine is the ability to synchronize materials requirements with production capacity.
CA-Quick Response Engine was developed to achieve complete synchronization of both materials and capacity reflecting real world situations.