CAB file

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CAB file

(CABinet file) A file format from Microsoft used to hold compressed files on its distribution disks. The Windows Extract program is run at the DOS command line to decompress the files. For example, to view the content of the WIN98_02.CAB file in the \WIN98 directory on the E: drive, you would use the /d (display) switch as follows:

C:\>extract e:\win98\ /d

To copy and decompress EDIT.COM from that same CAB file into the current directory, you would type:

C:\ANYWHERE>extract e:\win98\
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One can also create an executable to install CAB file without requiring any additional software.
This new version includes the latest edition of the industry-leading Microsoft virtual machine for Java with support for server-side applications, a plug-in that gives users of Netscape Navigator the superior Java experience of the Microsoft virtual machine, a Script Debugger that allows developers to debug Java applications within complex Web pages, and enhanced CAB file tools for faster and more convenient distribution of Java applications to end users.
The new CAB technology from Microsoft enables developers to compress one or many Java class files or ActiveX Control files efficiently into a single CAB file for download across the Internet.