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see FeodosiyaFeodosiya
, city (1990 est. pop. 85,000), E Crimea. From 1954 part of Ukraine (then the Ukrainian SSR), it passed to Russian control in 2014 after the occupation and annexation of Crimea. It is a major Black Sea port at the western end of the Feodosiya Gulf.
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, Ukraine.
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For instance, in 1307 Tokhta Khan ordered the destruction of Caffa ostensibly to prevent Genoese merchants from kidnapping and enslaving children from the Black Sea region.
Wheelus, "Biological Warfare at the 1346 Siege of Caffa.
Customers can also enjoy the summer sun in the CaffA Bar's outside terrace area.
Family, friends and work colleagues have all become accustomed to the fact that joining us for a spot of lunch in town often means going to CaffA Nero.
Man: "I'd like one of your caffA lattes please, white not black.
AT&T, the Bechtel Group, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor, Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot, IBM, Tyson Foods, and Xerox are but a few of the corporate heavyweights propelling the CAFFA bandwagon.
The 180,000sq ft centre has recently been boosted with openings by CaffA Nero and HMV.
It wasn't until a half-dozen Republicans threatened to vote against CAFFA that he agreed to bring up their legislation.
In 1347, when the Tartars attacked the city of Caffa along the Black Sea, a favored tactic was to hurl bodies of bubonic-plague victims over the city's walls in order to spread the Black Death among their enemies.
Esa tarde, en la calle de Caffa, una patrulla con un grupo de policias adentro se quedo atascada entre la multitud de manifestantes antiglobalizacion: uno de estos era Carlo Giuliani, tenia 23 anos y fue muerto por el disparo de uno de los policias que cuidaban la ciudad.
In Caffa, the Genoese Consul, Antonio Cabella, dated documents to AD 1472.
The remains of my Iris unguicularis is just managing to support the odd flower, as is the late autumn flowering Caffa Lily Schizostylis coccinea.