cable categories

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cable categories

Following are the categories for telephone and network cables. HDMI audio/video cables also use category designations (see HDMI).

Categories 1 and 2 are unofficial standards, while Categories 3 to 7 are based on the EIA/TIA-568-B standards. Most new wiring for LANs is CAT5e, an improved version of CAT5. See twisted pair.

CAT    Cable        Bandwidth  Data#     Type          (MHz)     Rate

 CAT1   UTP          Analog voice
 CAT2   UTP          Digital voice

 CAT3   UTP/ScTP/STP   16 MHz   4 Mbps
 CAT4   UTP/ScTP/STP   20 MHz  16 Mbps

 CAT5   UTP/ScTP/STP  100 MHz   1 Gbps
 CAT5e  UTP/ScTP/STP  100 MHz   1 Gbps
 CAT6   UTP/ScTP/STP  250 MHz  10 Gbps/55 m
 CAT6a  UTP/ScTP/STP  500 MHz  10 Gbps/100 m
 CAT7   ScTP/STP      600 MHz  10 Gbps/100 m
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While some PoE devices require a CAT 6A cable for its ability to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet, many devices will never need a data rate that exceeds the throughput capability of CAT 5e.
cables are being demanded and Cat 6a cables particularly have high acceptance
During its lifecycle, the DTX achieved many industry firsts such as: first field tester to offer Alien Crosstalk testing, the first laboratory-qualified test plug for Cat 6A permanent link testing, and the first fiber tester to be fully Encircled Flux compliant.
Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies said its CX6850 Cat 6A Premium+ UTP System was successfully tested to deliver 100-watt Power over Ethernet (PoE), enabling the transmission of power and data to a wider range of remote devices.
CAT 6A shielded systems are becoming the ideal choice for the transmission of 10GBASE-T over copper cabling.
This Cat 6A solution is feature rich and made with the highest quality material for great performance and reduced labor time.
TE Cat 6A U/UTP panels offer 24-port 1RU and 48-port 2RU density and are available in flat, angled and dynamic-angled configurations.
Its economic potential is simply too significant, judging from current R&M market observations and experience with millions of installations for its own high-end Cat 6A and fibre-optic solutions," he said.
This is one of the reasons why the cabling standards bodies recommend Cat 6a cabling as the minimum requirement in the Data Centre cabling standards.
System components include patch cords, trunks, port blockers, and extraction tools, and are available in CAT 6A and CAT 6.
6A connector alongside its innovative Cat 6A solutions in a product launch for partners and customers on the event's last day, April 21.