cable categories

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cable categories

Following are the categories for telephone and network cables. HDMI audio/video cables also use category designations (see HDMI).

Categories 1 and 2 are unofficial standards, while Categories 3 to 7 are based on the EIA/TIA-568-B standards. Most new wiring for LANs is CAT5e, an improved version of CAT5. See twisted pair.

CAT    Cable        Bandwidth  Data#     Type          (MHz)     Rate

 CAT1   UTP          Analog voice
 CAT2   UTP          Digital voice

 CAT3   UTP/ScTP/STP   16 MHz   4 Mbps
 CAT4   UTP/ScTP/STP   20 MHz  16 Mbps

 CAT5   UTP/ScTP/STP  100 MHz   1 Gbps
 CAT5e  UTP/ScTP/STP  100 MHz   1 Gbps
 CAT6   UTP/ScTP/STP  250 MHz  10 Gbps/55 m
 CAT6a  UTP/ScTP/STP  500 MHz  10 Gbps/100 m
 CAT7   ScTP/STP      600 MHz  10 Gbps/100 m
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The Arista 7050T Series switches give Brinkster the ability to maintain high levels of energy efficiency while avoiding the higher cost of SFP+, the ease of using standard Cat6a cable versus twinax, and the flexibility to utilize 1G and 10G in the same switch," said Nathaniel Kemberling, CTO, Brinkster Communications Corporation.
Today's debate will look at several key topics around cabling, including: - Is alien crosstalk testing needed for cat6A cabling?
The cabling specialist will remain focused on its copper offerings as well since Cat6A remains a highly utilised cabling solution for the structured cabling industry.
Imagine, then, the joy that R&M must have felt when it successfully completed work on its first CAT6A UTP ISO cabling solution in the Middle East last week.
We are currently considering standardisation of our infrastructure with the R&M Cat6A ISO solution which is their latest technology for 10Gb connectivity," concluded Hussain.
Brad Micro-Change[R] M12 CAT6A Connector System with innovative x-code cross-shielding achieves superior signal integrity and up to 10 Gbps Ethernet for vision systems and other high-speed data transfer applications in harsh environments.
Working closely with Sheridan M and E, NM Cabling are providing expertise in the installation, termination and commissioning of the Cat6a network incorporating the BAC upgrade.
7A,- 600m fiber optic cable,- 1400 modular ports Cat6A,- 600 Data double doses RJ45 Cat6A,- 20 pcs.
The PacketMaster supports flexible 10GE fiber media configuration and connectivity to 10G or 1GE networks via SFP+ or SFP transceivers while the 24 10GBASE-T ports can support 10 Gbps over CAT6A cable or 1 Gbps over CAT5A.
5mm Audio 4 Amx Pocket Module- Retractable Ethernet 2 Amx Pocket Module- Power Outlet 2 Avb-tx-multi-dxlink Transmitter 1 Sony Bdp-1500e Blu-ray Player 4 Jbl Control 16 C/t Speaker (white) 1 Vaddio 999-8800-000 Ceiling Mic Array (white) 1 Middle Atlantic Srsr 2-12 Rotating Sliding Rail System 12u 1 Middle Atlantic Cab-cool50 Cabinet Cooler Installation Details: Contractor Will Be Required To Provide And Install But Not Limited To: Shielded Cat6a Cabling And A Minimum Size Of 14 Gauge Speaker Cable Is Required.
The bank will use R&M CAT6, CAT6A and OM3 fibre optic
This is a great opportunity for Panduit to showcase the performance of our innovative fiber and copper interconnect solutions including SFP+, QSFP+ direct attach copper cable assemblies, Cat6A, and MTP, LC fiber assemblies.