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(1) Converting an audio CD from its native CD-DA format to MP3, AAC, FLAC or some other compressed audio format. The term was coined with a counterculture inference, because many tech-savvy people loved the idea they were "ripping off" the music industry by making copyrighted works available in a compact format that could be quickly downloaded over the Internet. Ripping is also called "importing." See CD-DA, MP3, AAC, FLAC, codec examples and import.

(2) Decrypting a DVD movie and storing it on a hard disk. Ripping a DVD does not result in a smaller, compressed version of the original as it does with audio files. See DeCSS.

(3) Converting an analog recording to a digital format. See VHS ripping, USB turntable and cassette ripping.

(4) Using a raster image processor, which prepares a page for display or printing. See RIP.

ripsawing, flat cutting, ripping

Sawing lumber parallel to the grain direction.
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Featuring a HDMI output, HD upconversion up to 1080p output, progressive scan, USB with CD ripping, and multi-format playback, this DivX Ultra certified DVD player carries a suggested retail price of only $69.
The set top being implemented by KDDI also features a CD player and CD ripping capabilities to allow users to rip CDs from their personal collections, automatically retrieve CD information, store the files in their music libraries and then transfer them to a mobile handset or to a portable media player via USB.
is a National digital processing and CD ripping service with digital music processing centers in Washington, D.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- As the CD ripping industry's premier service Riptopia publicly announces the acquisition of its strongest competitor RipDigital.
Riptopia's premiere CD ripping service is available at all 10 MyerEmco AudioVideo stores in the DC-area.
Riptopia's San Francisco processing center not only serves as a West Coast hub for Riptopia's commercial CD ripping service, but also concentrates on research and development for new technologies - providing seamless solutions for the digital age.
CD Ripping Service: Anyone can rip a CD, but if you have over fifty, it becomes tedious, very time-consuming and more than likely poorly done.
is the premier digital data processing and CD ripping service.
A flexible solution, AuthorScript contains modules for converting video and audio data into DVD- and VCD-compliant streams, formatting and burning DVD-Video and VCD projects, data recording on CDs and DVDs, music CD ripping and burning, DVR recording and timeshifting, DVD-Video and VCD playback, and more.
For example, MP3 playback and CD ripping use digital signal processing to encode and decode files, but rely on an efficient media database and synchronization with the PC to enable users to easily manage thousands of files.
NimbleMusic LLC(TM) is New England's premier CD ripping service.
99 per month), free premium radio stations, and free robust CD ripping and burning and portable device loading tools that are both powerful and easy-to-use.