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I also prefer an external CD-ROM player to one that's built into your computer.
Even before the network software was loaded, we needed to improve our memory management because the external CD-ROM player requires a device driver, the Microsoft CD-ROM extensions program, and the SETVER program (needed because MSCDEX does not know about versions of DOS later than 4.
Kodak, for instance, is promoting a photo CD; this device is much simpler than a CD-ROM player and could replace the slide projector as the standard for presentations.
1 CD-ROM player compatible with Microsoft Extensions
The following equipment is needed to use the Inside CD-ROM service: a 386 IBM or compatible PC with 512 KB of available RAM, approximately 5 MB of hard disk space, a CD-ROM player and controller card with Microsoft Extensions-compatible device driver, DOS version 3.
A "fast" personal computer with a triple-speed CD-ROM player.
Sony's new portable Multimedia CD-ROM Player (MMCD) integrates a CD-ROM XA drive, a DOS-compatible microprocessor, a 256-color LCD display panel, a speaker, a keyboard and a cursor pad in a two-pound package.
The Electronic Encyclopedia disc must be in the CD-ROM player and the separate KRS searching program on a floppy disk must be in the diskette drive.
8 software features hybrid CD support, enabling users to create CDs that can be read on a Mac or PC with a CD-ROM player or an audio CD player, and it also supports all the latest CD-R/RW drives on the market.
Among them were Seaborn Beck Weathers, a 49-year-old Dallas pathologist who described himself as a Walter Mitty type (he later lost an arm and the digits of his other hand, to frostbite), and Sandy Hill Pittman, a wealthy New York socialite who arrived with a satellite phone, two computers, a CD-ROM player, an espresso maker and ``stacks of press clippings about herself to hand out to the other denizens of Base Camp.
Two years ago they began promoting CD-ROM technology by offering a package consisting of a SCSI device and CD-ROM player bundled with CorelDRAW on CD-ROM.
Available for under $1,000, you can get a starter kit, which comes with a CD-ROM player and software.