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Allows a virtual CD-ROM server for a single PC as well as for a network at no additional cost.
In essence, as long as the device is designed for storage (and not just data retrieval, as networked CD-ROM servers do), then the device is performing Network Attached Storage.
To access one of the 96 CD-ROM titles residing on Townview's CD-ROM servers, a student or teacher simply clicks an icon with their desktop computer's mouse.
Logicraft's LanCD software works by routing or "redirecting" requests for data to the CD-ROM server.
HP SureStore CD-ROM Server Plus -- This cost-effective alternative includes six CD drives and one 18GB-capacity hard drive.
Obviously, the capacity of the networked CD-ROM server was filled, and purchasing a new CD-ROM server does not really qualify as consumable.
The reason for this is that the cluster-jukebox has fewer readers than the traditional CD-ROM server and is able to balance the workload of the robotics by providing a high degree of redundancy compared to the one robotic deployed in a traditional jukebox.
Since we spent two years coaxing a CD-ROM server to deliver bibliographic database access across a WAN, I'd advise others to look at the alternatives before beginning anything similar.
Redirector software usually requires a dedicated CD-ROM server.
REXAS Corporation has announced its Super CD-ROM Server system.
Todd Enterprises looks forward to enhancing its enterprise-based CD-ROM server systems with the acquisition of the Microtest Enterprise products and services," said Robert Bell, General Manager of Todd Enterprises.
OAI) has announced the availability of the Netserve/CD 2400, which, the company claims, is the first 24-drive networked CD-ROM server to break the 1-MB/second data transfer barrier.