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(Computing Technology Industry Association, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Formerly ABCD:The Microcomputer Industry Association, it is a membership organization of resellers, distributors and manufacturers dedicated to business ethics and professionalism, founded in 1982. It sets voluntary guidelines and is involved with many issues including product returns, freight and warranty claims and price protection.

CompTIA is also well known for its certifications for computer professionals, all of which have a plus sign at the end of their names as outlined in the following list. See certification.

Short        Full Name orName         Field of Coverage

 A+           Service technician

 CDIA+        "Certified Document
                Imaging Architect"

 i-Net+       Internet skills

 Network+     Network support and

 Server+      Server architecture

 Linux+       Linux proficiency

 IT Project+  Project management

 e-Biz+       E-Business

 CTT+         "Certified
                Technical Trainer"

 Security+    Security specialist

 HTI+         "Home Technology
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As the international comprehensive transportation hub in central-western China, the CDIA serves a population of nearly 500m.
Between 1993 and 2003, CDIA in the United States and Britain almost tripled in real terms.
37) The ratio of CDIA receipts to FDI outflows increased from 97 percent in 1998 to 105 percent in 2002.
We are very pleased to welcome EmployeeScreenIQ to CDIA," said Stuart K.
CDIA members provide businesses with the data and analytical tools necessary to manage risk.
We are thrilled that our members recognized the need to rename the association at a time when it is critical that the organization truly reflect our marketplace realities," CDIA Board Chair, Eileen Dwyer said.
The long-term aim of the CDIA is to contribute to the promotion of sustainable and pro-poor urban development, leading to improved environmental and living conditions for all in Asian cities.
John Phillips, CRM, CDIA, FAI, writes in this issue's cover article that doing this depends on extensive planning to ensure backwards compatibility of systems, software, and data formats.
In our cover feature, John Phillips, CRM, CDIA, FAI, advises readers about how to address infrastructure limitations and the regulatory, legal, social, and cultural boundaries and norms of other countries that could be impediments to successfully implementing information technologies that transcend geopolitical borders.
Wang Zhuo, CDIA Chairman, Yang Hong, Head of Exhibition at CCPIT, Lin Lin, CDPA Secretary-General, Gu Chunting, Assistant to the Chairman of CCPIT Shanghai Sub-Council and President of Shanghai International Exhibition Co.
In our Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles[R] (the Principles) Series article, "A Consultant's View: The Principles as Diagnostic Tools," author Julie Gable, CRM, CDIA, FAI, tells how UK-based consultant Alison North has used the Principles on the job and as an expert witness for the California Public Utilities Commission in the still-pending 2010 San Bruno pipeline rupture case.
According to Julie Gable, CRM, CDIA, FAI, founder and president of Gable Consulting LLC and a Fellow of ARMA International, the CRM establishes instant credibility with fellow records managers and is useful when bidding for consulting jobs.