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Abbr. for “center” or “central.”


Conseil Europ?en pour la Normalisation.

A body coordinating standardisation activities in the EEC and EFTA countries.
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The list of projects with involvement of CEN and CENELEC Members and their type of involvement
CEN Biotech and its global ventures will continue to live on through a new entity, Eastern Starr Biotech Inc.
The central government, based in Managua, near the Pacific coast, has long treated the east as a "veritable colony," the CEN document reads.
CEN is the European Committee for Standardisation and shares offices and staff with CENELEC which is specifically concerned with electro-technical products.
Both course study and testing are completed at locations designated by CEN in established educational institutions in the Kingdom.
The North American Security Products Association (NASPO), which works closely with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and which is developing a standard for anti-counterfeiting tools with the Document Security Alliance, participates in the CEN Workshop and has taken its own steps to approach ISO on this matter.
Si la mayoria del CEN lo acepta, yo fijo mi posicion: No voy a avalar ese proceso".
The BDS representative to the CEN Administrative Board and General Assembly will be Maya Staneva, Managing Director of the BDS.
The CEN membership believes that wherever possible, recommendations related to the management of a new vascular access or central venous catheter must be based on existing clinical practice guidelines for vascular access such as the Canadian Society of Nephrology Clinical Practice Guidelines for Vascular Access (1999), and/or the Kidney Disease Outcome Quality Initiative (K-DOQI) Guidelines for vascular access (Update 2001).
The European standardisation organisations CEN (European Standardisation Committee) and CENELEC (European Electronic Standardisation Committee), during their annual general meeting in Salonika, Greece, on 8 June, called for stronger relations between regional standardisation bodies around the globe.
Test criteria for bending, tension, and compression tests in the relevant AS/NZ, CEN, ASTM, and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards differ in test specimen length and test zone selection which can significantly affect the measured strength properties (Barrett and Lam 1994).