Camp Gagetown

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Camp Gagetown,

military camp, S central N.B., Canada. It was established in 1952 and is the largest (436 sq mi/1,129 sq km) military camp in Canada.
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Caption: While stationed at CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick in 1989, signing 724 Communications Squadron Change of Command Certificate.
Meanwhile, defoliants like Agent Orange and Agent Purple were tested on the lands adjoining CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick in the late 1950s through to the mid-1980s.
The CFWOS Transformation project involves a variety of infrastructure work, including the expansion of the former Army Meteorological Centre at CFB Gagetown, which will now house the new Joint Meteorological Centre.
The Cree infantry officer's journey took him through the Bold Eagle program in 1998, University of Saskatchewan's Faculty of Education program and military officer training in CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick.
He also mentioned CFB Gagetown as an existing asset to the sector in the capital region.
Richard Durrett, Anglican chaplain at CFB Gagetown, near Fredericton, noted that the forces were "in a wait and see mode.
Ploughshares Fredericton member Gloria Paul spoke at the local World Day of Prayer service on the work of Project Ploughshares and the ongoing live-bombing exercises held at CFB Gagetown.
The AITA Symposium on Advanced Learning Technologies, to be conducted 3-4 April 2007 at CFB Gagetown, near Oromocto, NB, will be used to showcase the concepts and technologies that are being used to define and develop AITA's "Future Learning Environment" for military training.
Samuel Nadeau died on August 11 at CFB Gagetown, in Oromocto, N.
The DND Army Simulation Centre (ASC) is located at Canadian Forces Base Kingston, Ontario and its four satellite Simulation Centres are located at CFB Edmonton, Alberta; CFB Petawawa, Ontario; BFC Valcartier Quebec and CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick.
SECOND LIEUTENANT (2LT) Jorge Spartan (not his real name) was an artillery officer with the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School (RCAS), Combat Training Centre, CFB Gagetown, NB.