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see chlorofluorocarbonschlorofluorocarbons
(CFCs), organic compounds that contain carbon, chlorine, and fluorine atoms. CFCs are highly effective refrigerants that were developed in response to the pressing need to eliminate toxic and flammable substances, such as sulfur dioxide and ammonia, in
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Complications arise when a CFC employs a branch or branches to perform sales or manufacturing activities for the CFC outside the country where the CFC was created or organized.
Julian Newman, an investigator with the EIA's London office, adds that site visits to Singapore-based chemical brokers revealed CFCs were sitting out openly at the brokers' facilities.
We discovered this hole, we thought there was a link to CFCs and we started moving.
A Teflon stopper, for example, can absorb CFCs from the air, which then show up in a detector.
And to CFC smugglers, we say: We're going to find you.
The quality of these "bootleg" CFCs can actually ruin a chiller system, says Jim Lovelace, Sid Harvey's Product Manager.
To start the process, building owners and managers can contact chiller manufacturers or the EPA's stratospheric ozone information hotline at 800-296-1996 for fact sheets and case studies on CFC phaseout.
Observation: One technique taxpayers are considering to avoid section 956A is to form CFC groups to take advantage of the aggregation rule.
Under the cited regulations, if a partnership pays interest and rents or royalties, its CFC partner will be treated as the payer of the payment to the extent that the item of deduction is allocable to the corporate partner under Sec.
For the CFC R-12, the latest alternative is MP-39 or 134a, while for R-11, the replacement would be R-123.
property were appropriate to allow CFCs to enter into "normal commercial transactions" with U.
Air conditioners installed on 1994-model Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars and light trucks have been designed to use a new refrigerant called HFC-134a, which contains no CFCs.