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The expert CFD analysis was aimed at being value addition and cost reduction to design & develop gear pump concurrent with CFD simulation.
Geographical segmentation the global CFD market in the industrial machinery sector
Korpus is the corporate technical authority on CFD applications for marine and offshore in his new role.
The hybridizations of CFD models among themselves as well as with other models, such as building energy simulations, radiation modeling, multizone modeling, and volumetric chemical reaction modeling, are just a few examples of novel modeling approaches with CFD.
CFD offers a number of key advantages over physical testing, claims its advocates.
With our new AMD Opteron processor-powered supercomputer, Sauber should be able to increase its CFD calculation capacity by a factor of almost 30.
CFD can simulate the different potential solutions to show which is best, saving the machine time and resin consumed by running actual trials.
Established in 1974, CFD Sales is a one-stop-supplier where customers can buy various kinds of products for building up their personally tailored PCs.
Altair today announced the release of CFDCalc, an on-demand and affordable computational fluid dynamics (CFD) application, built on top of Altair s industry-leading CFD solver, AcuSolve .
Burns explains that although the Williams organization has been using CFD for the past several years, wind tunnel testing has been the "main aerodynamic tool.