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Our commitment to the Windows platform and CI Labs partners' commitment to incorporate OpenDoc technology in their current and future operating systems, provide the industry with a clear and viable path to a component future," stated Bill Kesselring, OpenDoc Product Manager for Novell, Inc.
The future of CI Labs is being worked out with the other board members (IBM and Just Systems).
JavaBeans is an open component architecture specification that allows developers to create and use components that run in different environments, such as Microsoft's COM, CI Labs (Apple/IBM) OpenDoc and Netscape's LiveConnect.
The Live Objects Component Model Developer Roadmap is available from the CI Labs website at (http://www.
The completed JavaBeans specification incorporates contributions from a broad range of companies, including Baan Company, Borland International, CI Labs, Corel Corporation, Informix, International Business Machines Corporation, JUSTSYSTEM, Lotus Development Corporation, Netscape Communications Corporation, Novell, Oracle Corporation, ParkPlace-Digitalk, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
The Live Objects Validation Kit is immediately available from the CI Labs website (http://www.
The integration battle is being waged between OLE from Microsoft and OpenDoc from CI Labs, driven by Apple and IBM.
This growth in membership is due to the increasing role of CI Labs as the industry forum for distributed component software leaders.
With its membership in CI Labs, Oracle strengthens its commitment to OpenDoc with the goal to deliver cross-platform client/server application development tools adhering to all industry standards.
The Internet practice has been her primary interest since then, though in her responsibilities at NRH she has also done strategic consulting for IBM and CI Labs while guiding the company's 300% growth during her two years as president.
The membership exchange between the IPC and CI Labs is a step towards making this a reality.