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see Central Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency
(CIA), independent executive bureau of the U.S. government established by the National Security Act of 1947, replacing the wartime Office of Strategic Services (1942–45), the first U.S. espionage and covert operations agency.
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amnesia victim whose identity becomes doubtful when the same identity is claimed by an insane woman. [Ital. Drama: Pirandello As You Desire Me in Sobel, 35]


(1) (Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability) A widely used formulation of the INFOSEC mission of the U.S. military. Also known as the "Classic Triad," the three concepts fail to include important problems intuitively seen as breaches of security, forgeries or counterfeits, mislabeling of data and problems of data usability. See Parkerian Hexad.

(2) (CiA) See CAN bus.
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CIA officials often gave inaccurate information about its interrogation program to Bush administration White House and legal officials, preventing a proper legal analysis of the prison operations.
CIA leadership attested in 2003 that they had "little or no awareness of operations at COBALT" and in fact some did not know enhanced interrogation was underway at the facility.
Declassified letters between Dulles and Fleming reveal the former CIA boss's strong affection for the Bond novels - he even persuaded the author not to pension off 007 in 1963.
Finally, DS officers provide everything the CIA needs to accomplish its mission.
The CIA statement claims the information obtained from al-Baluchi by its "enhanced" interrogation methods "prompted CIA to re-question other detainees on Abu Ahmad's role, to review previous reporting in light of this information, and to increase the focus of Abu Ahmad's role in our questioning.
5) CIA repeatedly provided inaccurate information to the Department of Justice
In this context, the CIA seems on the lookout for new missions.
The CIA Unit provides free assessment services to Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies.
2009: The CIA objects to bringing the classified documents to Capitol Hill.
Al-Manar said that Mcfeely was the current chief of the CIA station in Lebanon.
Another six CIA officials were also killed in the Taliban suicide bombing.
Washington, Dec 17 (ANI): The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on Thursday has rebuffed all reports claiming Pakistani-origin US national David Coleman Headley; accused in the 26/11 terror attacks of being a CIA agent.