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see Central Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency
(CIA), independent executive bureau of the U.S. government established by the National Security Act of 1947, replacing the wartime Office of Strategic Services (1942–45), the first U.S. espionage and covert operations agency.
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amnesia victim whose identity becomes doubtful when the same identity is claimed by an insane woman. [Ital. Drama: Pirandello As You Desire Me in Sobel, 35]


(1) (Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability) A widely used formulation of the INFOSEC mission of the U.S. military. Also known as the "Classic Triad," the three concepts fail to include important problems intuitively seen as breaches of security, forgeries or counterfeits, mislabeling of data and problems of data usability. See Parkerian Hexad.

(2) (CiA) See CAN bus.
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The location of CIAR in the midst of Upper East Side and the support given by powerful businessmen made a large portion of the artistic community distrust CIAR as a legitimate place to exhibit their works.
The art exhibits were perceived and interpreted as communal representations of their own cultural identity, even if the process of curating exhibitions of Puerto Rican art was not very different from the ones developed at CIAR.
36) This condition gave CIAR a cooled-off atmosphere.
Since its founding, CIAR was concerned both with establishing its unique identity as an exhibition space of Latin American art, and serving its diplomatic aims of fostering unity among nations by cultural understanding.
Table 2 compares the roles of CIAR and its contractors in conducting the 16 Cities Study described by Jenkins in the 16 Cities Study (Jenkins et al.
Memo to Max Eisenberg, CIAR, Re Augmenting 12-Cities Study.
Proposal Letter to CIAR re use of 16-Cities Data for Additional Analyses.
EPA and OSHA scientific research plan Tobacco industry funds Japanese spousal study to challenge Hirayama findings OSHA publishes Notice of Request for Information on Occupational Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants (OSHA 1991) 1992 RJR proposes nationwide personal sampling SHS exposure assessment to Center for Indoor Air Research (CIAR) CIAR recruits Jenkins and Guerin of Oak Ridge National Laboratory to front for nationwide SHS study EPA publishes its risk assessment Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders (U.