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Abbr. for cost, insurance, and freight.


(1) See also CIFS and RAW image format.

(2) (Cells In Frames) ATM cells in Ethernet frames. See Cells in Frames.

(3) (Common Intermediate Format) An ITU H.261 standard for videoconferencing camera resolutions. CIF is also used to specify surveillance cameras.
CommonIntermediate            ResolutionFormat                 NTSC      PAL

 CIF   (Full CIF)     352x240   352x288
 QCIF  (Quarter CIF)  176x140   176x144
 SQCIF (Sub Quarter)            128x96
 2CIF  (2 x CIF)      704x240   704x288
 4CIF  (4 x CIF)      704x480   704x576
 16CIF (16 x CIF)    1408x960  1408x1152

(4) (Common Image Format) A standard frame size for digital video.
CommonImage      ScreenFormat     Size     Resolution

    VGA        Full     640x480
    1/4 VGA    1/4      320x240
    1/16 VGA   1/16     160x120
    D1 (Sony)  Full     720x480 (NTSC)
                        720x576 (PAL)
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But Martin Yardley, the council's director of place, said applications to the fund often resulted in other finance being sourced at better rates as the CIF application was able to operate as a "back stop".
CIF should verify the Soldier's clothing record (DA Form 3645) to validate the discrepancy.
But tumors in the animals administered CIF via liposomes were small and shrinking by the end of the treatment.
Sports Authority has been working with officials at CIF to ensure BBCOR bats are available at all California Sports Authority locations to accommodate for the new rule.
The CIF would like to have a crisis communications plan that anticipates crises and proposes responses in each given situation.
As a result of exceeding the performance thresholds established with CIF, SL Green's economic stake in the property will increase from 30% to 50%.
The CIF is the governing body for all interscholastic athletics at public and private high schools in California.
As a result of the acquisition of interests from CIF and The Witkoff Group, SL Green's ownership interest in 485 Lexington Avenue will be 87%.
The AfDB s CIF-supported work builds on a unique feature of the CIF design, said Mafalda Duarte, AfDB s CIF Coordinator.
The competition that served as the CIF qualifying meet featured a possible regulation violation, coaches screaming at one another, three season-ending injuries and host Crespi of Encino winning its fifth straight league title.
CIF also granted SL Green an option to purchase CIF's remaining equity interest.
Since establishing the NOVA Awards in 1988, CIF has recognized 15 innovative projects, including a 1991 award to Millgard Environmental Co.