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(1) (Common Isochronous Packet) The packet format used in time-based (real-time) FireWire transmission. See FireWire, IEC 61883 and mLAN.

(2) (Common Industrial Protocol) A high-level protocol used for control networks that provides an object model for services at layer 7 of the OSI model. DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, CIP Sync and CIP Safety are examples of control networks that use CIP.

cast-iron pipe, cast-iron soil pipe

A pipe fabricated of an iron alloy containing carbon and silicon; usually lined with cement or coal-tar enamel and coated externally with one of a variety of materials to reduce corrosion by soils; known technically as gray cast-iron pipe.
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The CIP Version 5 CBT program includes training on the role of the regulatory agencies, the requirements of the NERC CIP Version 5 standards, physical and cyber access controls, and the cyber-risks associated with operating interconnected computer systems.
With its wealth of useful information and guidance, the DON CIP Program course can help protect DON personnel and assets against future threats in whatever form they may appear.
168(e)(3)(E)(iii), the CIP viewed the gross-revenues test and floor-space test as a conjunctive two-prong test.
The integration of our part numbers and inventory information with EMA CIP significantly improves the accuracy of the Bill of Materials (BOM) for our customers," said Tom Galligani, Regional VP of Sales at Future Electronics.
Specifying the right material when CIP and SIP is used is not a simple matter.
CIP is mission assurance: the identification, assessment and assurance of cyber and physical assets essential to the mobilization, deployment and sustainment of U.
At least 50 federal organizations within 13 major departments and agencies mentioned in Presidential Decision Directive 63 are involved in CIP activities that include setting policy, analyzing vulnerabilities and intelligence information, disseminating alerts and warnings on potential and actual infrastructure attacks, developing remediation plans, responding to incidents, and performing research and development.
In the CIP, "substantially all" of the toaster's redesign activities fail to satisfy the qualified research definition.
FERC unanimously approves NERC CIP cyber security standards
which it has been trying to sell since the year 2008/2009, with the intention of having the proceeds thereof used for servicing of short-term and long-term debts, upgrading of the facilities of the company, and for working capital, among others, CIP explained in its disclosure.
Company's rotary valves for powders and granules are available with a CIP Endplate assembly for allergen cleaning.