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In internationalisation, a collective term for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The characters of these languages are all partly based on Han characters (i.e., "hanzi" or "kanji"), which require 16-bit character encodings. CJK character encodings should consist minimally of Han characters plus language-specific phonetic scripts such as pinyin, bopomofo, hiragana, hangul, etc.

CJKV is CJK plus Vietnamese.

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Because of the more cumbersome inputting for CJK scripts, the hourly goal for items in those languages remains .
The stamping line has helped the firm to run much smaller lot sizes on CJK and USA panels.
Support for 32-bit Unicode for interpreting large font files as CJK with extended CMAPs for 32-bit Unicode values
For more information on South Hills Chrysler Jeep Kia's contribution to Roughneck Fest, call 866-206-3529 or visit South Hills CJK online at http://southhillsauto.
We specialize in the difficult CJK languages along with Cyrillic, Arabic and Hebrew," he said.
Considering a new car is the second biggest purchase most individuals will make, next to their homes, South Hills CJK wants to help ensure every new owner is informed on the best ways to maintain and care for their vehicles.
The CJK support enables hardware manufacturers, application developers and service providers to incorporate OCR solutions that integrate East Asian languages and extend the international reach of mobile applications.
Complete foreign language capabilities for 70 languages including CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai).
To help keep their customers up-to-date on current Chrysler, Jeep, and Kia news and information, as well as specials and events at the dealership, South Hills CJK has also added a Newsroom page to their website.
This release also upgrades Inxight's Japanese language module with content from Inxight partner The CJK Dictionary Institute (CJKI).
The first is support for 70 foreign languages including CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean and Thai) which are some of the most difficult to handle.
In addition to the local vendors such as South Hills CJK, who will be on hand to provide information and special offers, there will be plenty of entertainment including Paul's A Train, an airbrush tattoo artist, an appearance by “Kai-Ian,” a strolling bag piper, a caricature artist and musical acts throughout the day.