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It is not necessary to go through procedures by which the CLDC must buy from the private sector so that the applicant can get a loan from the Housing Funding Organisation," said Averoff Neophytou, DISY vice-president.
Sun's CLDC HI customers will be able to integrate, test, and benchmark the integrated product with Jazelle capabilities out of the box.
CLDC Connected Limited Device Configuration outlines the most basic set of libraries and virtual machine features that must be present in each implementation of a Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME(TM)) environment on resource-constrained devices.
To obtain the GrinderBench scores, the Sun CLDC Reference Implementation and CLDC HotSpot Implementation were run on a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500.
Bigfoot can match the performance of current solutions, such as Sun's CLDC HI, using one-tenth of the power and one-tenth of the memory.
The Akira Player consists of a downloadable or pre-installed player with an 8 to 80K footprint and is available for CLDC MIDP 2.
Scores for platforms tested against the EEMBC GrinderBench benchmark suite must comply with the Java Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for CLDC to qualify for certification and publication.
CANNES, France -- Featuring Its Latest Version of Jbed CLDC and the First Commercially Available Multitasking Java Virtual Machine - Jbed Advanced
Bringing together Intel's XScale technology and Sun's CLDC HotSpot Implementation will enable a new wave of mobile applications and innovation within the mobile device segment," said Hans Geyer, Intel vice president and general manager of the Intel PCA Components Group.