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A code management system from DEC.


(1) See content management system and color management system.

(2) (Context Management Standard) Data retrieval uniformity in the healthcare field. See CCOW and healthcare IT.

(3) (Conversational Monitor System) A guest operating system that provides interactive communications for IBM's VM operating system. See CP/CMS and VM.

(4) (Call Management System) An AT&T call accounting package for its PBXs.

(5) (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) See healthcare IT.
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McLaughlin, who managed CMS Generation's 1993 acquisition of an operating interest in Argentina's largest hydroelectric facility, will be responsible for further power development activities in Latin America.
Christoph added that in the case of CMS, "Having this capability has been a dream of theirs for a decade, to more readily and effectively use their mountains of health-care and payments data for improving health-care policy and practices.
BluePoint's chairman, Ian Sutcliffe, has voluntarily abstained from voting on the acquisition at both the board level and shareholder level, as result of his consulting firm's involvement in the development of CMS.
CMS Enhancements, headquartered in Irvine, is a $115 million, public company servicing more than 1,600 resellers and distributors in more than 60 countries.
Remote AAA support for Microsoft Active Directory schema: Supports the Microsoft Active Directory schema for remote authentication and authorization, enabling administrators to use LDAP authorizations to enforce WX CMS software access privileges.
We selected IXIASOFT, not only because of their in-house DITA expertise, but we were really impressed with their ability to demonstrate advanced CMS features - they even passed our multilingual crash test
CMS has embarked on a program to lower parent debt levels over the next three years through subsidiary cash dividends, tax sharing, and restructuring efforts.
With RedDot's improved SmartEdit, content contributors and other business users can create and edit content using Microsoft Word and save changes directly to CMS, eliminating the need for any CMS training.
Kintera's CMS tools have always allowed nonprofit organizations to create and manage Websites," said Steve Klein, Kintera's senior vice president of business development.
Our customer references helped CMS make its forward-looking decision and reinforced Teradata's industry leadership.
Ten years ago, Julian Movsesian created CMS for his high net worth clientele and revolutionized the way corporations and high net worth individuals purchase life insurance.
CHICAGO -- Fitch has assigned a 'B+' rating to CMS Energy Corp.