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(Cable Modem Termination System) A computer-based device that enables cable modems to send and receive packets over the Internet. It inserts IP packets from the Internet into MPEG frames and transmits them to the cable modems via an RF signal. It reverses the process coming from the cable modems.

A DOCSIS-compliant CMTS enables the customer's router or PC to dynamically obtain an IP address from the cable company by acting as a proxy and forwarding requests to DHCP servers. The CMTS may include a variety of functions, including filtering to protect against theft of service and denial-of-service attacks as well as preventing hackers from breaking into the cable system. It may also provide traffic shaping, which guarantees quality of service (QoS) to selected customers, and it may provide bridging or routing capabilities. See cable modem.

Cable Modem Infrastructure
A CMTS performs packet format conversion and IP address assignment (see DHCP). It may also provide routing, bridging, filtering and traffic shaping. The combiner merges the TV programming feeds with the RF data from the CMTS.

A Small CMTS
This CMTS supports approximately 1,300 users. It provides one downstream port of 40 Mbps and up to 6 upstream ports of 10 Mbps each. (Image courtesy of ADC Telecommunication, Inc.)
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0 CMTS chipset will enable cable operators to cost effectively upgrade their headend equipment to manage faster line speeds for broadband services requiring greater than 100 Mbps of upstream and downstream bandwidth.
Channel bonding with the BigBand Modular CMTS solution leverages interoperability and synergies between the company's established CMTS and edge QAM platforms.
ADC's Cuda CMTS platform, the most widely deployed carrier-class CMTS with more than 1000 units in use worldwide, provides MSOs with a foundation for delivering advanced multimedia services such as VoIP and gaming.
According to David Webb, Huff Creek's general mine foreman, "Belt damage and splicing has always been a problem on continuous haulage systems, the CMTS has almost eliminated that problem.
We are honored to have been awarded this opportunity to supply our CMTS high speed data solution to iTSCOM," said George Fletcher, ARRIS Senior VP of Sales for the Asia-Pacific region.
Over the past year we've worked very closely with our customers to plan IPv6 feature support for both our CMTS and CPE platforms," said Todd Kessler, ARRIS VP, CMTS product management.
The ARRIS C4(R) CMTS and Touchstone(R) Wideband Modem WBM650, enabled with FlexPath(TM) software deliver up to 160 Mbps data transfer speeds over 4 bonded DOCSIS channels will also be demonstrated at IBC.
Designed to provide advanced IP services for smaller cable systems, small regions of a large MSO's network and business-to-business environments such as hospitals, multi-dwelling units and universities, the Cuda 1000 has one of the highest density port counts of all systems in the compact CMTS category.
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