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1. a person, usually a woman, who tends the sick, injured, or infirm
2. Zoology a worker in a colony of social insects that takes care of the larvae

What does it mean when you dream about a nurse?

Dreaming of a nurse suggests a need to be taken care of and to be healed. It also sometimes indicates a healing is in progress. This dream also implies that strained or unpleasant conditions are being set aright.

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We have constructed our variable, MEDICAL BOARD AUTHORITY OVER CNM'S, by combining the two states that regulate CNM practice using a board of medicine with the five states that use a department of public health/board of health.
Approximately 68 percent of CNMS have a master's degree.
Keeps CNM loads predictable and at a minimum, despite the unpredictability of CNM traffic.
CNM has positioned itself as a leader and expert in employee benefit plan audits by dedicating resources to the quality and growth of the service line.
By implementing Qwest's Ethernet solution, we found we can balance our student body's needs and our budget," said Joe Gieri, executive director, Information Technology Services, CNM, in a recent interview about the new technology implementation.
Golisch joins CNM with over 40 years of experience.
Hobmeier commented, "I am excited to continue my career with CNM and join a firm that has established itself as a major player in the area of outsourced professional services, including internal audit, and audit preparation.
In early 2014, Chilmark Research's groundbreaking research on CNM (Migration to CNM) presented the findings of in-depth interviews with a wide range of HCOs.
For Sandra Bustillos and her four children who recently moved into the house, thank you didn't quite seem to express the gratitude they felt toward CNM and Habitat for Humanity.
While so employed the individual fraudulently represented herself to be a CNM and operated a midwifery service out of her home.
The collaboration project entitled, "Characterization of Novel N-type Nanocrystalline Diamond and Related Diode Devices," is geared towards understanding electronic properties of n-type doped diamond thin films through various nanoscale characterization techniques available at CNM.
Nonprofit health insurance carrier SelectHealth recently published new quality and satisfaction ratings for 53 Utah OB and CNM clinics, comprising nearly 200 Utah obstetricians and certified nurse midwives.