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Yet it was a sight that might well arrest wandering thoughts: Eppie, with the rippling radiance of her hair and the whiteness of her rounded chin and throat set off by the dark-blue cotton gown, laughing merrily as the kitten held on with her four claws to one shoulder, like a design for a jug-handle, while Snap on the right hand and Puss on the other put up their paws towards a morsel which she held out of the reach of both--Snap occasionally desisting in order to remonstrate with the cat by a cogent worrying growl on the greediness and futility of her conduct; till Eppie relented, caressed them both, and divided the morsel between them.
Were the ends of nature so great and cogent as to exact this immense sacrifice of men?
And it was not a mere retort for the sound's sake, but was a cheerful cogent consequence of the refusal; for if Lammle had applied himself again to the loaf, it would have been so heavily visited, in Fledgeby's opinion, as to demand abstinence from bread, on his part, for the remainder of that meal at least, if not for the whole of the next.
Washington, DC-based Cogent Communications Holdings, Inc.
Chronos Solutions, a national real estate finance services provider, has agreed to acquire Cogent Road, a San Diego-based mortgage technology company.
The notes will be guaranteed by Cogent's domestic subsidiaries, subject to certain exceptions, and are expected to be guaranteed by Cogent Communications on the closing date of the offering of the notes.
com)-- Futurism Cogent Web Apps adds another feather to its cap with the launch of Cogent 9.
US industrial group 3M (NYSE:MMM) said it has completed the previously announced acquisition of biometric systems provider Cogent (NASDAQ:COGT) after receiving approval from Cogent shareholders.
announced the appointment of Cogent Manufacturing Solutions of Atkinson, NH as its agent for the northeastern U.
The TUC's learning and skills organisation unionlearn has joined forces with Cogent Sector Skills Council (SSC), by signing up to and endorsing the Cogent Sector Skills Agreement (SSA).
FMA) has announced that its MBF310 Sweep Sensor, powered by algorithms developed by Cogent Systems, has been designed into the JumpDrive TouchGuard, the newest USB portable storage product from Lexar Media.
Vincent's opted to outsource the program to an external management partner, Cogent Healthcare, Inc.