Component Object Model

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Component Object Model

(COM) An open software architecture from DEC and Microsoft, allowing interoperation between ObjectBroker and OLE. Microsoft evolved COM into DCOM.

On page XV of Box's book in the foreword by Charlie Kindel he says, "It is Mark Ryland's fault that some people call COM the 'Common Object Model.' He deeply regrets it and apologizes profusely."

["Essential COM", Don Box].

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0 is backwards code compatible, ensuring the re-deployment of existing applications built with previous versions of Team Developer, including COM Server business code.
NET assembly, a COM server, a full set of Java classes, and even a full object-oriented API in MATLAB -- as well as its conventional, procedural API for multiple languages.
Developers are able to leverage the Morae Recorder COM server to capture usability testing data for any Windows-based application, including pre-release test builds.
In addition, corporate developers can use SnagIt's new COM Server interface to integrate SnagIt's functionality into enterprise applications to make the capture process more intuitive, increase usability and flexibility, and address the needs of users with repetitive screen capture routines.