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see Communications Satellite CorporationCommunications Satellite Corporation
(Comsat), organization incorporated (1962) by an act of Congress to establish a commercial system of international communications using artificial satellites. Although government sponsored, it was financed by a public stock issue.
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; communications satellitecommunications satellite
artificial satellite that functions as part of a global radio-communications network. Echo 1, the first communications satellite, launched in 1960, was an instrumented inflatable sphere that passively reflected radio signals back to earth.
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(COMSAT General Corporation, Bethesda, MD) Formerly Communications Satellite Corporation, COMSAT was a private company that was created by the U.S. Congress in 1962 to provide satellite communications to major carriers and organizations. In 1965, it launched Early Bird, the first commercial satellite in geostationary orbit. COMSAT served as the U.S. signatory for INTELSAT and Inmarsat, and its primary business was providing communications over the INTELSAT system.

In 2000, COMSAT was acquired by Lockheed Martin Corporation and operated as a wholly owned subsidiary. At the end of 2004, governmental regulatory approval was obtained to transfer its ownership to Intelsat, Ltd., which bid to acquire COMSAT General and its existing fixed and mobile satellite system contracts from Lockheed Martin.

The Early Bird
COMSAT launched the Early Bird in 1965, the first commercial geostationary satellite. Before the end of the century, some 250 more would follow. (Image courtesy of COMSAT Corporation.)
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She also thanked the Executive Director of COMSATS, Dr.
Earlier, COMSATS administration had terminated nearly 200 employees in a span of only three months in 2017.
He ensured that COMSATS is fully equipped to meet the training needs of the relevant human resource, such as doctors, medical technicians and IT staff.
She was pleased for Somalia to now be able to benefit from a number of opportunities available with COMSATS and looked forward to the country being an active part of the organization's international activities.
The MoU will see both parties collaborate on joint research, events, capacity building, and strengthening the COMSATS STI Network of Centres of Excellence; providing comprehensive thought leadership, cooperation platforms and technical and advisory services, to support member countries efforts to exploit the potential of STI for sustainable development.
The tail end of the chain would comprise of an activity under COMSATS International Thematic Research Groups (ITRGs) Programme.
One of the senior executives of COMSATS pointed out that ever since Dr.
Zaidi sought enhanced involvement of China in COMSATS' programmes through the Ambassador's office for the development of COMSATS member states.
He said the unique bond the COMSATS shares with China is based on mutual respect and shared idea of a better South and a more equitable world.
Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister for Science and Technology, while speaking on the occasion, was of the view that the cooperation of such kind will be beneficial for not only Pakistan but for the entire developing countries member to COMSATS.
ISLAMABAD -- The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and COMSATS signed an agreement to promote cooperation in the areas of research and joint publications, an official said on Thursday.
The Federal Republic of Somalia formally became COMSATS' member during a signing ceremony held last month at COMSATS Secretariat, when the Minister for Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, and Higher Education, Somalia, Abdi Dahir Osman, and Executive Director COMSATS, Dr S.