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see coconutcoconut,
fruit of the coco palm (Cocos nucifera), a tree widely distributed through tropical regions. The seed is peculiarly adapted to dispersal by water because the large pod holding the nut is buoyant and impervious to moisture.
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the dried oily endosperm of the nuts (coconuts) of the coconut palm, consisting of white or yellowish pieces 6–12 mm thick and covered with a thin skin. Copra contains an average of 5.8 percent water, 67 percent fat, 16.5 percent carbohydrates, and 8.9 percent protein. An easily meltable oil (melting point 20–27°C), which is used in food and as an industrial raw material, is obtained from copra by hot pressing. Copra oilcake is a valuable concentrated feed for livestock. One coconut yields 80 to 500 grams of copra. The 1965–66 world production of copra was 3.44 million tons. The principal producers of copra are the countries of Southeast Asia (approximately 67 percent of world production), Oceania (approximately 10 percent) and Africa (3–4 percent).


Siniagin, I. I. Tropicheskoe zemledelie. Moscow, 1968.


the dried, oil-yielding kernel of the coconut
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