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1. a noncommissioned officer junior to a sergeant in the army, air force, or marines
2. (in the Royal Navy) a petty officer who assists the master-at-arms


2, corporale
a white linen cloth on which the bread and wine are placed during the Eucharist



military rank of noncommissioned officers in various foreign armies (the US, Great Britain, France, Italy, and others). In the Russian Army, the rank of corporal is referred to as early as 1647; it was officially introduced by the Military Regulations of Peter I. In the first half of the 19th century it was replaced by the military rank of noncommissioned officer.

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The achievement scores of the students of teachers who did not favour corporal punishment were higher as compared with those who favoured corporal punishment.
Like the corporal, he has received protective measures from the court to conceal his identity from the public.
We thought that research showing harm from corporal punishment, and testimony from parents whose children were injured would persuade the legislature to ban it.
Of particular relevance to the Caribbean, are the associated links between corporal punishment and violence and aggression.
If you take corporal punishment out of the schools, what are you left with?
However, one of the SPCPA's main flaws is that it does not mention the family unit along with other institutions, which means that a large number of children who face corporal punishment at home don't have protection.
A rejeicao pode ocorrer por diversos fatores dentre eles a obesidade, que e um problema de saude publica; o adolescente obeso sofre com varias restricoes e modificacoes sociais devido sua imagem corporal (Ferrani e colaboradores, 2005) e neste aspecto o profissional de Educacao Fisica pode e deve intervir auxiliando na estruturacao da visualizacao do ser por completo e nao apenas da composicao corporal.
A imagem corporal consiste em uma idealizacao multidimensional defendida pelas percepcoes e atitudes que o individuo tem em relacao ao seu corpo (Saur e colaboradores, 2008).
Corporal punishment is usually used for offenses such as fighting, setting off fireworks, bullying or drinking alcohol on school grounds.
Key Words: Corporal punishment, learners, instructors, behavior, child, interview, questionnaire.
Prosecutors charged the policeman with drinking, cursing and threatening the corporal.
Legal disputes about corporal punishment were not uncommon at the time.

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