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cox-2 inhibitor:

see nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug,
a drug that suppresses inflammation in a manner similar to steroids, but without the side effects of steroids; commonly referred to by the acronym NSAID .
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We have recently reported that dexamethasone represses both hypoxia-induced COX-2 and induction of GILZ is a key event in hypoxia-induced COX-2 inhibition by glucocorticoids (Lim et al.
Importantly, selective COX-2 inhibition may represent a potential therapeutic method for impaired urinary concentration capacity in children with congenital pelvic-ureteral junction obstruction.
Studies are a dime a dozen as to "how" COX-2 inhibition reduces arthritic inflammation and menstrual pain and, in so doing, "prevents" certain cancers--most notably of the colon.
It was therefore not surprising to observe in our pharmacogenomic studies that COX-2 inhibition, by altering the profile of eicosanoids spontaneously generated by diseased OA cartilage, resulted in profound effects on the transcription of multiple genes that could alter cartilage homeostasis.
11) also reported that selective COX-2 inhibition can improve endothelial function and decrease inflammation in severe coronary artery disease.
Although experiments indicate that Cox-2 inhibition suppresses the development of benign growths, such as polyps, solid data showing that these drugs prevent cancer in people are still lacking, Ristimiiki says.
The inhibition of COX-1 activity has been associated with the gastrointestinal toxicity of the traditional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), while COX-2 inhibition is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of the NSAIDs.
Still, he believes there is room for a drug with less specific COX-2 inhibition, since not everybody responds to or tolerates Celebrex and Vioxx, added Dr.
Shixin Deng (China) - DAA effect on sodium channel inhibition and COX-2 inhibition in vitro
Three recent clinical trials also showed pain relief and a reduced need for pain medication in arthritis patients after taking Pycnogenol , results that are linked to COX-2 inhibition.
Utilizing PhytoLogix, researchers screened over 1230 organic plant extracts for potential COX-2 inhibition.