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(fluid mechanics)

candlepower (cp)

The luminous intensity of a light source, expressed in candelas. Abbr. cp. Also see apparent candlepower.


On drawings, abbr. for cesspool.


A concurrent Prolog.

"The Concurrent Logic Programming Language CP": Definition and Operational Semantics", V. Saraswat, 14th POPL, ACM 1987, pp.49-62.


(1) (Central Processor) See processor and CPU.

(2) (CoPy) See Unix commands.

(3) See control program, control panel and copy protection.
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Reste donc a savoir si, Chahed et ses conseillers, suivront ces conseils, mais surtout s'ils ont lu le rapport du Cped et surtout continueront-ils a se murer dans l'autisme?
CPED argues that a "dissertation in practice" should be the culminating experience that demonstrates the scholarly practitioner's ability to solve problems of practice and exhibits the doctoral candidate's ability "to think, to perform, and to act with integrity" (Shulman, 2005).
Some of the main findings, conclusions and policy recommendations are being published in this special issue of the African Journal of Reproductive Health and will be posted electronically both on the CPED and University of Windsor websites where they will be freely accessible to researchers, policy makers and implementers, development agencies, civil society and citizens around the world.