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However, the presence of these harmonics also causes high slot leakage inductance in the winding; because of which the characteristic current of the PMSM can be made closer to its rated current for achieving wider CPSR [3].
Gender has been shown to influence treatment outcome in some studies (for example, Visser, van der Ende, Koot, & Verhulst, 2003), and if either boys or girls were benefiting less from treatment, this would signal a need to modify or selectively target the CPSR program.
No obstante, existen 6 sistemas de riego con 379 ha regadas que demandan un CPSRS de 227,4 L/s para una produccion de agua en conjunto de 406 L/s.
302, if a contractor's sales to the government (excluding competitively awarded firm-fixed-price and competitively awarded fixed-price with economic price adjustment contracts and sales of commercial items pursuant to Part 12) are expected to exceed $25 million during the next 12 months, the ACO is required to perform a review or risk assessment to determine if a CPSR is needed.
The CPSR effort is aimed at providing information that could be helpful to small organizations, businesses, and individuals, who may lack the resources or expertise to address the year 2000 problem on their own.
Become a member of SEA, become a member of EFF, become a member of CPSR.
Specifically, they are pushing for a legal guarantee that would state: "No person shall be denied credit, employment, or the opportunity to engage in a commercial transaction for failure to provide his or her Social Security number" Also, EFF and CPSR are fighting to give us the legal and technical power to encrypt (encode) our computer messages to secure our privacy.
CPSR is a national membership organization of computer professionals with approximately 2,000 members and 21 chapters across the United States.
In effect, CPSR metaphorically constructs an architectural site - a virtual entrance hall to the organization's virtual offices - which Web browsers can "enter.
CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility), whose Washington Office Director is Marc Rotenberg, finds that many aspects of the NII (National Information Infrastructure) planning process raise concern.