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Azure NC-based instances deliver GPU- powered virtual machines in the cloud that complement Kinetica's lightning-fast speed, so data can be accessed in mere milliseconds, versus tens of seconds with normal queries on CPU bound technologies.
Assume we have one CPU bound process and many I/O processes.
Eventually, the CPU bound process finishes its CPU burst and moves to on I/O device.
If your application is CPU bound, capture a trace so you can open in Intel GPA Platform Analyzer and do profiling for that application.
In addition you can see the GPU work overlayed on the thread, which can help correlate when the GPU or the CPU is busy, identifying whether the workload is CPU bound or GPU bound.
The subtasks are more or less CPU bound because different threads from a pool may occupy multiple resources simultaneously.
For sequential reading of files, dBase appears to be much more CPU bound than the corresponding COBOL; 85 percent of the time is spent in CPU prcessing versus 60 percent for COBOL sequential reads.
These new features further enhance the ability of TowerJ to improve the performance and scalability of CPU bound and application server based Java applications.
Tools like Intel GPA inform the team how best to optimize the rendering code, but Robocraft is CPU bound instead of GPU bound.
There are personal computers using the CRC that are CPU bound during I/O, which must therefore slow down the BAUD rate of the interface.
Although the game itself isn't CPU bound, the user scripts can put a lot of load on the CPU, so here's where it helps for players to have a computer with an Intel(R) Core i7 processor available to keep gameplay smooth.