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(networking, tool)
(Remote copy) The Unix utility for copying files over Ethernet. Rcp is similar to FTP but uses the hosts.equiv user authentication method.

Unix manual page: rcp(1).


Abbr. for “reinforced concrete pipe.”
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On the other hand, bonded concrete overlays should be considered when the CRCP is in good condition and needs negligible patching.
Table 1 CRCP specification element Item Specification Material Steel Panel Size 1.
When the CRCP went through the legislature, the SSHRC disciplines were defined from the beginning as worthy of contributing to Canada's global research and development to the tune of only 20 percent, compared to 45 percent for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and 35 percent for the Canadian Institute for Health Research--even though " disciplines represent more than 50% of faculty in Canadian universities," have the highest teaching loads but the lowest costs for their institutions, and, in hiring trends between 1995 and 2003, constituted "approximately 50% of faculty hired .
The contractor constructed the two experimental CRCP sections on September 25, 2007, and WVU monitored them continuously during the first 3 days to investigate the early-age cracking behavior.
Incorporation of new predictive models for CRCP and long-term JPCP mean that validation will be needed.
Additionally, at the road test, there were no punchthroughs (shear failure) such as those produced at the Pittsburg Road Test under steel wheels, nor were there other types of environmentally induced failures such as blow-ups, CRCP punchouts, and so forth.
Held on August 28, at the UPS employment center in Hodgkins, the event also included testimonials by program participants, Erika Serrano and Veronica Hernandez who spoke of the tremendous opportunity the CRCP offers.
Every effort must be made to achieve a full permanent bond; this may be particularly effective in extending the service life of thinner CRCP.
CRCP students get their college tuition, fees and books paid; are provided with transportation assistance; and are eligible for a housing allowance of up to $4,000 annually, as well as academic bonuses for successful coursework completion.
Goldfarb, CRCP, MAGI founder and chairman, is organizing and chairing this conference.
June 6 /PRNewswire/ -- FrontLine Compliance, LLC, a new securities compliance services firm, has been launched in Alexandria, Virginia by Amy Lynch, CRCP.
CRCP students earned from $350 to $1,100 each for meeting the program's credit hour and grade point average requirements, and for reaching 30 or 60 credit hour milestones while enrolled in the program.