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symbol for the element chromiumchromium
[Gr.,=color], metallic chemical element; symbol Cr; at. no. 24; at. wt. 51.9961; m.p. about 1,857°C;; b.p. 2,672°C;; sp. gr. about 7.2 at 20°C;; valence +2, +3, +6. Chromium is a silver-gray, lustrous, brittle, hard metal that can be highly polished.
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(chemical engineering)


1. Abbr. for cold-rolled.
2. Abbr. for “ceiling register.”


cross, 3
1. An object consisting primarily of two straight or nearly straight pieces forming right angles with one another; the usual symbol of the Christian religion.
2. A monument or small building of any kind surmounted by a cross, 1, as a market cross.




The country code for Costa Rica.


(1) See cognitive radio and conversion rate.

(2) (Carriage Return) The character code generated when the Enter key is pressed. In ASCII and EBCDIC systems, the code is a decimal 13 or hex 0D. See line break.
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CRS is a high risk endeavour because companies are betting their revenue stream on the project.
It should be expected that our percentages would be higher than those in the literature because we exclusively sought out individuals with vision and hearing problems rather than surveying the whole population with handicapping conditions from CRS.
Usually directed to a particular audience as the result of a specific conflict, CRS training generally addresses certain key areas: Racial tension assessment and reduction, conciliation and mediation, cultural awareness, and communication skills.
CRS may very well have the lead in supplying lab automation technology to this market with its broad genomic installed base.
A Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) since 1978 when the Council of Residential Specialists was just beginning, Kowalski was the Council's President in 1996, serves as a CRS Instructor and continues to serve on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.
The CRS system for NRC's Plant Biotechnology Institute will be a showpiece of Canadian agricultural genomics.
This deal makes La Quinta one of the largest hotel chains to use RezView CRS.
George "Gee" Dunsten, CRS, GRI, 2001 President of the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS), has a primary goal of expanding the organization's education and membership beyond U.
CRS Predicts Damaging Effects On Agency Community, Consumers and CRSs
Delta charged that beginning February 1, 1996, American's CRS company instituted a discriminatory CRS transaction fee which it is collecting from some carriers, but not from others.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) this week urged all computer reservations system (CRS) vendors to work with the airline in reducing its CRS distribution costs.
CRS considerably expands HOK's client reach by adding the office locations of Houston, Atlanta and Greenville, S.