front-projection TV

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front-projection TV

A device that projects TV onto a white or silver fabric screen that is wall, ceiling or tripod mounted. It uses the same types of technologies as data projectors, which accept computer output, but projection TVs are designed to process standard and high-definition TV signals. Many units can do both.

Front-projection TVs are used in home theaters, and high-end units can display an excellent image on 8-foot and 10-foot screens. When built into the room, the screen may be fixed on the wall or dropped from the ceiling by remote control. The projector is either ceiling hung or mounted high up on the opposite wall. For projection technologies (CRT, LCD, etc.), see rear-projection TV. See data projector.

Front Projection Screen Size Can Be Changed
Front-projection TVs can change their screen size by replacing the screen and moving the unit closer or farther away. In contrast, screens in rear-projection units are fixed in size.

Front Vs. Rear Projection
Front-projection TVs require a separate screen several feet from the unit, while rear-projection TVs are self-contained. However, front projectors can create a much larger image than rear-projection systems, and the screen size is flexible.

High-End Home Theater
Ceiling-mounted, front-projection units are used in the most elaborate home theaters and display the largest images possible.

Front Projection with CRTs
The first projectors, both front and rear, used CRTs, and, although mostly replaced, continue to provide excellent quality. This 2006 home theater installation used a Zenith 1200 to project onto a 9-foot screen. Although sold as a Zenith product, it was actually a repackaged, high-end Barco projector with an MSRP of USD $30,000 in 2001. (Images courtesy of Kal of
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