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Forester, C. S.

(Cecil Scott Forester), 1899–1966, British novelist, b. Cairo, Egypt, educated in England. A prolific and popular author, C. S. Forester is best known for his novels of the royal navy in the days of sail, especially the series about Capt. Horatio Hornblower, naval officer during the Napoleonic Wars. Among his other well-known works are Payment Deferred (1926), The African Queen (1935), and The Good Shepherd (1955).


See his Hornblower Companion (1964).

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It has all the ingredients readers familiar with the writing of Patrick O'Brian, Alexander Kent and CS Forester will recognise - perilous seascapes, bloody maritime battles, races against time and tide, gallant captains, salty crews and exotic locations - but with a twist
The piece, published in an American magazine had been commissioned by CS Forester, author of Captain Hornblower.
Author CS Forester based his hero's character and exploits on the life of Admiral Sir James Alexander Gordon.
I was hooked straightaway, and devoured these stories as well as the naval adventures of CS Forester and others, particularly Patrick O'Brian.
Swashbuckling adventure, adapted from the novel by CS Forester, starring Gregory Peck, James Robertson Justice and Virginia Mayo.
There, his talent for writing was recognised by Hornblower author, CS Forester.
Based on the classic sea-faring adventures of CS Forester and the most expensive drama made by ITV.