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(1) (Canadian Standards Association, Toronto, Ontario, www.csa.ca) A standards-defining organization founded in 1919. It is involved in many industries, including electronics, communications and information technology.

(2) (Client Server Architecture) See client/server.

(3) (CallPath Services Architecture) An IBM standard that integrates applications with the telephone system, designed for use with AT&T, Northern Telecom and other PBX vendors.

(4) See carrier serving area.

Canadian Standards Association

In Canada, a membership organization serving industry, educational institutions, and government in the field of standardization, including the standardization of building components, materials, and testing. Also see Construction Specifications Institute Canada.
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Through early engagement in pipeline components' design and certification, CSA Group offers one-stop technical guidance to help improve the overall pipeline system safety and security, and assist in eliminating or reducing the risks of potential incidents.
At present, SGS has a pool of qualified and well-experienced ISO 27001 lead auditors who have successfully completed the required CSA STAR Certification Auditor Training and qualify to perform the audit services for delivering CSA STAR certification.
BCCI says it didn't ask CSA to send its CEO Haroon Lorgat on leave.
Fifty-four CSA farmers and two CSA organizers, together representing 55 CSAs, agreed to participate in the study and were interviewed.
From Left: David Livingstone, Caerhys; Russell Lavis, Grow Freystop; Tony Little, OCW; Yoann Le Guen, Ynyslas CSA; Lisa Whitehead, Flintshare; Sarah Dance, Ynyslas CSA; and Matthew Holborow, Ynyslas CSA
To find your CSA farm and start planning for the local abundance that's just around the corner, see the listing in this issue of New Life JournaL You can also find the great taste of locally grown Appalachian Flavor at local farms, markets, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and grocery stores in the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project's Local Food Guide.
The swimmers follow the trail of CSA standout Kara Denby, who competed in the U.
The lack of a biologically relevant, practical pharmacodynamic measure of the effect of CSA has been a serious obstacle to defining interindividual variability in response to CSA.
In addition to being a CSA member, she grows her own food and flowers.
There are a huge number of women who, because of delays by the CSA or wrong assessments, are not getting any maintenance at all for months, if not years.
Commenters urged that one participant's abandonment of its rights did not necessarily confer benefits on the remaining participants and that a new participant need not always make a buy-in payment when joining a CSA.
the nation's most respected name in risk and regulatory management, is urging carriers to go beyond the 'scorecard' for CSA 2010 and to understand the importance of taking steps to improve their scores.